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THE FAERY'S KISS - The Stageplay
The Fairy's Kiss - The Stageplay

by Bill Breuer - A Full Length Stage Play

NEW FLASH! There has been a torrent of The Wee Folk in the media!

That's right - a deluge! There are literally hundreds of products been released and on the store shelves! There are major movies, books, and other big media releases about Faeries. Your theatre too can get in on this trend! The Faery's Kiss is an adult fairytale romantic comedy that an be enjoyed by the whole family!

This show was written with the idea of having the 'Box Office Appeal' of so many of the shows and movies from the 1950s and 60s that still pervail today! With decades of theatrical experience as an actor, director and having worked in most every area of production, this show was written with the entire team in mind as well as fulfilling the needs of the audience and the art.

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